Giving of Our Livers

waterkeeperBy now you’ve probably seen or heard about our Waterkeeper Hefeweizen and, if you’re lucky, even tasted some of the heady goodness for yourself. But, do you know why this beer is so near and dear to our hearts?

It really boils down to protecting our waterways. Without clean water, good luck brewin’ tasty beer.

To make sure that water keeps flowing pure, we’ve worked with the good folks at Chattahoochee Riverkeeper (where we get the water for our tasty brews) and their parent organization Waterkeeper® Alliance for 7 years, raising funds and awareness for what they do.

Things started small with a few cases of beer sent over for their cause, but as we grew, we wanted to help out in a bigger way.

Our next big step came in 2011 when we brewed up the first batch of Waterkeeper Hefeweizen. This tasty summer brew was not only perfect for those scorchin’ Atlanta summer days, but also helped spread the good word about water conservation and dangers facing local waterways with info planted right on the label.

This year, we’re really rockin’ the boat. Waterkeeper is going to be available on draft and in 6-packs for the first time ever, plus we’ve expanded our partnership to work with a whole mess of Waterkeeper Alliance member organizations including roughly 35 members throughout the Southeast. We’re not just savin’ the Hooch anymore…now we’re working to Save Our Water all over.

beer fishingWanna know where you come in? Let’s start simple with your next visit to the brewery. Starting June 26, you’ve got the option to buy a special edition $13 Save Our Water souvenir pint glass during tours and tastings, with three bucks going straight back to Waterkeeper Alliance.

While you’re here, you can also pick up a stylin’ Save Our Water t-shirt, with a portion of proceeds also going back to Waterkeeper.

Can’t make it to the brewery? We’re making it real easy for you to give of your liver to save the river with a metric ton of booty-shakin’ events all over the Southeast, lined up all purdy for you to check out on Facebook.

Whether you’re in the mood to play some Beer Fishin’ at your local watering hole for a shot at great prizes or enjoy a fancy beer dinner, there’ll be plenty of opportunities for you to give back while puttin’ em back.

Plus, keep your eyes peeled for paper fish donations and t-shirts at your local restaurants, bars and retail accounts where our beer is sold – proceeds’ll go back direct to your local waterway. Too lazy to put your pants on? Just hop on line and donate directly to your Waterkeeper of choice.

Check out the video below from our pals at Beer Street Journal for some more info on Waterkeeper Hefe and the Save Our Water campaign, then hit up for more details on what Save Our Water is about, a splash of beer trivia and info on how to get sweet schwag by donating.

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Newsflash: this Sunday is Father’s Day. If you just had an “oh shit” moment, chill out and browse through this handy gift guide we put together for all your dad’s needs. Be sure to read the last bit even if you skip the rest.

Sporty Dad
What can we say about the Perfect Cast S/S Polo that isn’t covered in it’s compelling website description: Built from a mid-weight pique fabric that wicks moisture and blocks UV rays, this performance fishing polo features radial sleeves to accommodate dynamic arm movement, as well as rear shoulder vents to keep you cool, dry comfort out on the water. Long story short, this shirt will keep pops lookin’ fly whether he’s throwin’ flies, poppin’ fly outs or flyin’ solo on the links.

Tech Dad

We know not everyone’s papi confuses calculators for cell phones. Hook your parental unit up with one of these custom jobs from Case-Mate and he’ll be catchin’ all kinds of looks from the younguns.

Outdoors Dad

When we woke up in the woods with a thrown-out back from sleeping on rocks, Pa always used to say it built character. Weird thing was he slept on an air mattress. Help the old man keep that streak of hypocritical comfort going with this lazyboy of the outdoors, the Camp Creek Sports Chair. Bonus: it works great on those rock hard stadium benches, so even when his alma mater’s football team has him throwin’ beer, his back will be in tip top shape.

Executive Dad

In the high-stakes white collar world, a man is only as good as the coffee mug on his desk. Or at least we think so, we try to steer clear of “office buildings” so we’re not sure how things go down in there. Regardless, papa bear will be the envy of his colleagues with one of these badass tankards slammed down on his desk. Nobody has to know what he’s drinkin’ out of it either.

Classy Dad

Don’t get confused by the pic and think you slipped into a Mother’s Day list – sometimes the head of the house has need of candles too. Next time you aren’t home, let el hefe whip out these beauties from Brew Blazes and flip the ol’ Barry White record. Ready for a lil’ brother/sister?

If none of these ridiculously awesome gifts seem right for your bropa, you can always visit the schwag shop in the brewery or online to see what else we have. Alright, we did our part – the rest of the day is up to you. Just make sure it involves plenty of good grub and brews.


Whoa hold the phone, you thought we were done? Heck no, we got you a shot at free schwag. It’s pretty simple – head over to our Facebook event page here, submit a photo of you and dad bonding with SweetWater brews, and you’re entered to win a Dad Schwag Grab Bag plus 2 passes to the brewery. You’ve got until 4:20 on Father’s Day, which is this Sunday if you already forgot, to submit your pics. Winner will be announced Monday – Game on!