SweetWater 420 Fest Artist Lineup Announced

This year we are expanding our festival to three days of great artists, environmental experiences, neighborhood love, and the best beer in the southeast. Check out the killer music lineup at www.SweetWater420Fest.com

Galactic :: Railroad Earth :: 7 Walkers Featuring Bill Kreutzmann of the Grateful Dead

GreenSky Bluegrass :: Anders Osborne :: Dead Confederate ::

The Pimps of Joytime :: DejaBlue Grass Band :: The Broadcast

Deep Blue Sun :: Rollin in the Hay :: Gimme Hendrix :: Bitteroots

Music Matters Rock U Kids Bands

Fear the Silence :: The TAASK

Relapse 420 Comedy

Clayton English :: Matt Phar


Great Email – proud to have as a fan of our brews!

Hello SweetWater,
My name is Rob and I am a native of Atlanta and been a long time fan
and drinker of SweetWater. I love it and so do the guys on my team.
I am the Captain of a US Army Special Forces Team and we are currently
deployed to Iraq. For some of us this is the 5th and 6th time
deployed. Obviously we cannot drink outstanding beer like a 420 or
Georgia Brown while deployed because it is illegal, but we still talk
about how we will when we get home. When we are stateside and we are
not busy shooting, jumping out of airplanes, scuba diving, or training
we are drinking beer as a team and constantly betting each other cases
of SweetWater. I introduced SweetWater to my team about a year ago
and everyone loves it. We are big fans and I was hoping you could
send my team some hats or T-Shirts over here to Iraq. We would really
appreciate it and I would be sure to have the team take a pic with
their new gear on while we are out on a mission or something and send
it to y’all (I think it would be a pretty cool pic for a group of
“Green Berets” to all have on SweetWater T-shirts and Hats on while
deployed to combat). I know it is random to ask for free stuff but we
all are big fans and can’t wait till we get home and get to drink some
420 again. If you are interested in sending us some T-shirts or hats
we would really appreciate it. Let me know and I will email you my
address here in Iraq to mail the stuff to and we will send you the
pics as soon as we get it. Cheers.

CPT Rob, US Army Special Forces