New Dank Tank Release – Ghoulash

Oct 3rd – Ghoulash has been bottled and kegged, this limited edition Dank Tank release is hitting the streets of Atlanta and a few lucky lips around the southeast this week!

A Double Black, double dry hopped double India Pale Ale.

Alone and cold on a frigid fall night, the evil Dr. Dank’s stomach rumbled. It had been days since devouring the last of his trannies and platypuseses. Desperate, he wandered into his kitchen only to find a 3-eyed rat, yellow toenails, and an old bean burrito. Always resourceful, Dr. Dank remembered his great, great, bouffalata, granny goose’s Ghoulash recipe.  Try as he might, he couldn’t get it right, so he dumped everything he could find from the fridge and cupboard into one giant boiling brew, resulting in this stew of 2-row, black wheat, munich malt and a 14-hop variety asplifidation of Willamette, Galena, Mt. Hood, Nugget, Perle, Aroma, Bobek, Aurora, Styrian, Golding, Magnum, Columbus, Summit, Millennium, and Crystal.
Sloppy seconds never tasted so ghood!
Malts: 2-row, Munich, & Midnight Wheat
Hops: Willamette, Galena, Mt. Hood, Nugget, Perle, Aroma, Bobek, Aurora, Styrian, Golding, Magnum, Columbus, Summit, Millenium, Crystal (14 total)
Beginning Gravity: 21 Plato
Final Gravity: 5 Plato ABV: 8.5% IBU’s: 167

This one will make its debut at the SweetWater tour on October 5th – a few treats are in store all of October to debut at our tours

October 12th – Exodus Porter

October 19th – Festive Ale

October 26th – Sticky Fresh Nugs (Fresh Hopped Dank Tank double red ale edition featuring Nugget hops)


Two medals for SweetWater at this year’s Great American Beer Festival

Oct 1st 2011 in Denver, CO was the awards ceremony for the 30th anniversary GABF. SweetWater has had some great success in the past at this “Super Bowl of Craft Brewing”, winning the Small Brewery of the Year award and 8 individual medals for our brews. This year was our biggest haul since that SBOY award back in 2002 with 2 new medals coming home to add to the brewery wall

According to the Brewers Association (huge thanks to them for all the hard work putting this festival on ever year) over 500 breweries entered almost 4000 beers this year in 83 categories, this was the biggest Great American Beer Festival ever.

check out the full list of all the winners, and cheers to Max Lagers for bringing home some additional hardware to Atlanta, winning the bronze for the IMOS imperial stout

check out our head brewer, Nick Nock, talking with WXIA Atlanta’s Jeff Hullinger about the beers, the fest, and the awards