SweetWater’s Coming to Jacksonville!

We’ve been flapping about it on our Facebook page, but we can now confirm the rumors are indeed true! SweetWater is set to invade the fine city of Jacksonville, Florida on September 15th, so all you JAXonians should start steeling your livers for the beer you’ve been training for!

In order to celebrate, we’re running a contest on Facebook that you can join up with here. Starting on the 15th, we want you SweetWater fans to go out in search of our rainbow trout tap handles (you know, the ones that mark where you can get delicious SweetWater brew doled out by the pint). The first 42 fans to take a photo of themselves in front of a SweetWater tap handle somewhere in Jacksonville, upload it to Facebook, and tag it with themselves and the location will score a free SweetWater t-shirt.
Obviously, to play the tap handle hunt you must be 21, and to win the photo must either name or tag the location of the SweetWater tap. After you post your photo to the event page, you’ll be contacted by SweetWater to get your schwag if you’re one of the first 42.

For more news about SweetWater in Florida be sure to follow @sweetwaterfl on Twitter!

And on the 22nd, come see us at Total Wine at 2pm with the Founder and Big Kahuna Freddy Bensch – then back at 6pm as we start a pub crawl hitting as many bars as our livers can handle – two groups of SweetWater peeps will be making the rounds starting at 6.

1st Group                                                                        2nd Group

Mellow Mushroom(tinseltown)                        Kickbacks

Sun Dog                                                                  European St Cafe(park st)

Island Girl                                                              O Brothers

Mellow Mushroom(beach)                                Engine 15

Then we will be join back up together around 9:30/10ish at the beach for pints at

the Ritz, The Brix, and Lynch’s