We found our brews!


Well, they found our brews!

Today, the majority of the 78,528 bottles from the 3,272 cases stolen from our brewery on Tuesday, June 21, were returned thanks to efforts by the GBI’s Major Theft Unit and Southeastern Transportation Security Council (SETSC) (the aforementioned they).

Of the 40 pallets stolen, 10 were recovered the day of the theft; the remaining 30 pallets (minus a few cases) were returned today.

This is a big step forward in the resolving the case, according to GBI special agents and Cargo Theft Investigator Bob Hastings of SETSC, who tracked down the remaining stolen beer.  GBI and SETSC will continue to assist the Atlanta Police Department in solving the crime.

Unfortunately, the return of the stolen brews does not mean the product is able to be sold or consumed–every bottle will be destroyed.  The product is being sent to Synergy Solutions Crisp County, a zero landfill, biofuel and waste recycling company.

Many thanks for all the hard work from the APD, GBI and SETSC for helping us get our brews back!


They took our brews!

Need yalls help – early this morning 2 of our trailers were stolen from the brewery, both loaded up with a total of almost 3300 cases of beer for AM pickup. We found the trailers via GPS but both were empty.

If yall find any Summer Variety Packs on the shelf that are UNSORTED (aka all one style) dated 9/20 or 9/21, call or email the brewery so we can start tracking this beer down. Keep an eye out for the Summer Variety Pack Case (24 pack of bottles) with the same date in weird places too.

If you’re a retailer and somebody other than our distributor tries to sell you beer, give us a heads up so we can follow up.

The really bad news is we were already having trouble keeping the Variety Pack and Goin Coastal on shelves cuz they were selling like hotcakes, and this was basically our entire inventory in Atlanta – so you may not see it on shelves for a minute

(404) 691-2537 or social@sweetwaterbrew.com

Now Flowin – Roanoke, NW Ohio, Central TN and the Jersey Shore


We have some news that may just make your summer headier. If you’re in the Roanoke Valley in Virginia, Northwest Ohio, Central Tennessee or the Jersey Shore, our brews will soon be flowin to you.

  • Ajax Distributing Company to enter five central Tennessee counties of Benton, Carroll, Henry, Obion, and Weakley
  • NWO Beverage for Northwest Ohio counties of Allen, Hardin, Putnam, Van Wert, Ottawa and Sandusky
  • PA Short for Roanoke and New River Valleys of Virginia
  • Shore Point Distributing Company for Jersey Shore (Starting July 1)

We’ll be on draft at bars and restaurants, in grocery stores, package stores, and specialty bottle shops.  For details on launch events and more, patrons should follow our Heady Peddler Facebook pages: New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Got Hot Schwag for my Dad Swag

Pops brought you into this world, so best make sure he likes his Father’s Day gift or he could be responsible for taking you out of it.  Here’s a few ideas for you, and if you’re in Atlanta, definitely bring him by the brewery on the big day for Burgers & Brews (click here for details).

Seen here on two of our favorite SweetWater employee dads:  Trout Unlimited Orvis DriRelease (a Save Our Water exclusive), Columbia Troller, Avex Insulated Pint Glass,Pint Glass and Koozie.  And if you need more…


Easily distinguish your dry-fly from your nymphs with this waterpoof double-sided clear fly box from Orvis.


Show up on pop’s doorstep with this filled with his favorite brew.  Favorite kid = secured. 

SweetWater Chartered Tour
Buy a couple tickets to one of our upcoming Chartered Tours (June 12 or June 26)  — bond over brewing and whatnot (and walk away with a 22 oz Cork & Cage and a sweet Teku glass).

Cuz maybe he’ll share! Find ’em most anywhere the fishing is good.

We’re Giving $100K this Summer!

We’re giving $100K to Save Our Water with these incredible partners:



And you can help give $100K more!


Clean water is at the core of who we are at SweetWater.  We’re a bunch of guys and gals who love making and drinking great beer, and that goes hand in hand with our love for fishing, paddling, swimming and generally getting our feet wet.  Since our founder Freddy Bensch brewed the first batch of 420 nearly 20 years ago, it’s been important for us to give back to organizations who protect both our playground and the main ingredient for our tasty brews: water. And that’s why we, as a company, are passionate about our annual Save Our Water campaign. 

This year we are donating $100,000 to Save Our Water and calling for an additional $100,000 in matching dollars from supporters of our five partners. 

Check out sweetwaterbrew.com/saveourwater to see how you can make a difference. 

The campaign runs through the summer.  You’ll have opportunities to raise a glass, go out on the water, jam to some heady tunes, and get into some shenanigans with us.  Check the website often for listings.

We’re here for a good time, but our planet is here for a long time!