Stuff stockings, not pants this holiday season

The holidays are all about spending quality time with family. Or, if you’re like us, drinking heavily and avoiding that one uncle who’s a little too friendly. Either way, nothing says I’m obliged to tolerate your presence like a few choice gifts. Just make sure you get your orders in by Dec. 13, or the goodies won’t arrive in time to tuck under the tree.

SweetWater Pocket Disc

These things may look like something you tuck your dreads into, but they’re actually woven soft frisbees perfect for a little interoffice shenanigans or fetch with your drinking buddy. Their website has something like 50 uses for em, so even if your recipient has the hand-eye coordination of a blind rhinoceros they should be able to make good use of it.

Brown Bag Soap Co. Soaps

Beer is usually the last thing you wanna smell after a night of punishing the liver, but wash up with one of these soaps made using our brews the next day and you’ll be hating life a lot less. The soaps are made right here in Georgia and come in 420 Pale Ale, BLUE Wheat, Georgia Brown, and Exodus Porter. Snag em in a gift pack of 3, singles or with a soap rest. Bonus: they’ll keep that stocking smelling nice after having sat in a dark hole for 12 months.

Columbia Cold Weather Gear

We’ve got a whole mess of new schwag in from Columbia just in time for when it would be cold everywhere else but is actually 70 degrees in Georgia. Regardless, this stuff is all top-shelf stuff complete with embroidered SweetWater logos. Between the jackets, vests, scarves hats and of course our brews, you’ll be keeping toasty all winter long. Available in men’s and women’s sizes.


John Dunn Replica Art Afghan

Speaking of toasty, bring this sucker up to the slopes and you’ll have snow bunnys and/or mooses fighting each other to curl up with you. Inspired by our favorite artist John Dunn (the mastermind behind our tie-dye vehicles, the mural on the brewery and pretty much everything cool), these blankets are a steal at just $50.


SweetWater Cycling Jersey

Right about now you may be thinking to yourself, “I hate the cold, where’s the warm weather stuff?” Well pat yourself on the back for sticking it out to the end, cause here you go. These bike jerseys for dudes and dudettes are from the awesome folks at Primalwear Cycling and will make you the talk of the town as you zip around…town.