The Crane Game

If you’ve been a fan of ours for a while, you probably noticed we’ve done a good bit a growin’ recently. Over our first 16 years we could never brew enough beer to keep up with demand, so last year we wrapped up a mondo expansion that saw our brewing capacity quadruple.

A lot of that expansion involved adding new hardware – specifically the Godzilla-sized 1,000 barrel (31,500 gallons!) fermentation and brite tanks you can see drivin’ down 85. With those suckers in place, we didn’t really need to use some of the smaller 100 and 300 barrel tanks that had been our workhorses.

It didn’t feel right having those puppies that helped make us who we are just sitting around unused, so in the spirit of craft beer community we set out to find new homes for our steely pals.

Before long we’d linked up with some cool cats like Nantahala Brewing Company in Asheville and Austin Beerworks  who were lookin’ to up their brewing game too. A few handshakes and one hell of a hole in our roof later brought us to last Saturday, movin’ day for a good bit of our tank family.

Lean back, crack open a frosty and click the image below to check out what it takes to get 4,000 pound, 20 foot tall metal behemoth outta your brew house.