Second Helping Keeps on Giving

Second Helping double IPA with juniper berries is back for a fourth year.  Since 2012, this brew has been poured to help over 600 people across the Atlanta restaurant community.  That’s $1 million in raised pint glasses.  With over $150,000 going 100% towards donations.

If you’ve sipped on this brew, you’ve helped change lives.  Check out this new video with Jen Hidinger of The Giving Kitchen to see just how

Woodlands Tour Making Waves

Grand Opening of The Woodlands +
First Woodlands Project Bottle Release

Regular Tours Start Saturday – Limited to 30 People/Tour – Book Now

photo cred: Beer Street Journal

The Woodlands Tours
Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Reservations encouraged as tours are limited to 30 people
Tickets here.

What you’ll experience: A 35 minute in-depth tour of The Woodlands, education on barrel aging process and traditions, barrel anatomy, yeasts and bacteria knowledge, foeder details, and scoop about what the future holds (special, limited release beers, including barrel aged and mixed fermentation brews). Followed by sampling of  brews (some in-progress from The Woodlands, plus some from The Hatchery, our pilot system in the brewery).

About Through the Brambles, our first Woodlands Project release:   A blend of naturally refermented blackberries, representative of a Rosé in color. Mouthfeel is light bodied, dry, tart and acidic with a balanced aroma consisting of oak, fruit, acidity and natural funk from the wild yeast and bacteria that were present on the skins of the fruit. This vibrant beer will mature and evolve with time and is 100% bottle conditioned