SweetWater’s Motorboat is back in action plus a Browneyed Buckeye

Oh the joys of the Motorboat!  our summer into fall Catch and Release seasonal has hit the streets once again.  a few weeks earlier this year than in years past since y’all drank us dry on the Road Trip a little faster than we had planned.  Cant keep those shelves and taps empty for too long, so the Motorboat is rolling in to the rescue.  This dry hopped ESB and back to back winner of the silver medal at the Great American Beer Festival, is built for speed and pleasure.  Enjoy the face full of pleasure!Our next Dank Tank edition is locked and loaded as well – since we are having a hell of a time keeping up with y’all drinking habits this Brown IIPA will be draft only, and super limited supply.

Our sweet, innocent and moral El Dressel lost his way as Brutus led him down a dark alley to recruit tattoos and car loans for the Columbus hops in an effort to stack his on-field Double IPA recipe with the most aggressive hops O-round. Unfortunately El Dressel was discovered, humiliated and banished, leaving a permanent wrinkle in his sweater vest and instantly creating the Browneyed Buckeye!!!
Get it while you can, because just like last year’s Sugar Bowl win, this one will be gone before you know it!
Malts: 2-row, Munich, & Midnight Wheat   Hops: Over 5 lbs. per barrel Columbus, Amarillo & Centennial. Dry Hopped with Centennial & Columbus  Beginning Gravity: 20.1 Plato Final Gravity: 4.5 Plato ABV: 8.5% IBU’s: 120  Available in 1/4 bbl kegs only