Westbound & Down

Westbound and down

Beer nerds know a bunch of the big West Coast breweries are starting up operations on our side of the Rockies. With 18 states (and DC) under our belt in the East, and the biggest brewery in the Southeast, we think it’s time we returned the favor and head out west.

Few months ago our Big Kahuna Freddy spotted a sweet opportunity to buy up a brew house and some tanks out in Cali. Now we’re looking for the perfect spot to put down roots to build another brewery and start slinging beers out West. Anywhere is fair game for now – got a lot of lookin to do before we make any calls – but wherever we wind up building you better believe we’re gonna do it right.

This’ll put our lip-smackin’ brews back in the hands of folks that have been missing ’em (or never had the pleasure in the first place) PLUS make sure each and every one of those bottles, cans or pints is as fresh as humanly possible.

So thanks to the folks who have stuck with us on the wild ride and see ya soon to everyone out west. We gonna do what they say can’t be done!