We took a Spin for Kids this past weekend

What a weekend it was!  My first time doing any sort of road bike ride, and leaving the house while it was still dark outside made for some rough motivation.

The day began Saturday just after 6am because i have two little kids that were heading out to Camp Twin lakes with me.  Getting everyone dressed, feed, myself coffee’d up and the fandamily on the road just after 7 to head down to the brewery to meet the rest of Team SweetWater by 8.  We loaded up the kegs into the SweetWater van (needed some motivation to finish the ride!) and a dozen of us in various SweetWater rides were on the road heading about an hour east of Atlanta to Rutledge, GA and Camp Twin Lakes for our ride.  Most of us took part in the 27 mile course which left at 10am, but there were just as many other who did more.  The 100 mile ride went off at 8am, after a wrong turn which actually made it 110 miles, they were off.  The 67 and 47 were next followed by us at 27 and the fun riders who did the 5 mile loop.  all in all over 750 riders turned out and raised over $250,000 for Camp Twin Lakes.

The start was tight, i kept hearing how things would bunch up at the beginning and i was going to bust my ass since i had never ridden with the clip in shoes before

in line to start the ride

(thanks to Nick for the unbelievable loaner bike – much better ride than my 20 year old Trek mountain bike i had been training on) but we were off without issue – one of guys get a flat about 100 yards in, but a bike repair team was on site and got him back on the road within minutes.  I was towards the back with a Ed from Wild Wing and Nicole, our tasting room managerother SweetWater folks at the start so we stepped on it once the coast was clear to catch up with the rest of the SweetWater crew.

The ride was great – some rolling hills, fun declines, a few tough climbs back up those hills, and a beautiful course into the town of Madison where the half way point rest area was.

about half of us out front of the Madison Welcome Center

loaded up on some fluids and some funny looking jelly beans and heading our on the back stretch.  about two hours after we began, we were back at the camp, welcome by a great round of applause from the crowd as we crossed the Shoulberg Finish line.  Quickly got of the bike, ditched the funny shoes (didn’t fall once!) and heading for the SweetWater wagon which was pouring free beer for all the riders.  After the most refreshing Sch’Wheat of my life, the rest of the Team had gathered and the stories began to unfold.

The kids got to participate in camp activities all day and were the happiest people at the camp once the counsels brought them back from the paddle boat to the festival site.

Thanks to all the riders that participated with Team SweetWater and all the folks, friends, and family

in honor of David Shoulberg

that made donations to the camp on behalf of myself(not too late to still make a donation!), members of our team, or the slew of other great teams and riders that participated.  If you aren’t familiar with Camp Twin Lakes, or Spin for Kids click on the links to learn more, and also check out the Crank Tank Rye’d Ale we created to help spread the word – hope to have your support next year and a few more of y’all riding along side of us.  Now I need to make the call to buy a bike of my own, so i don’t have to wait till the day before to get my hands on one. That and some better padding on my butt, that was the most painful part of the ride!

Steve Farace


A Flurry of Seasonal Brews, Limited Releases, and One-Hit Wonders to Keep You Warm on Chilly Nights

We’re Bringing Back Winter Favorites Including Exodus Porter & Festive Ale

and Unleashing The Latest Dank Tank Creation, The Border Hopper

Much like the tasty bottles and kegs of SweetWater that we brew, the creative juices are flowing freely at SweetWater Brewing Company.  We have been busy crafting new brews and bringing back some of our personal favorites to get you through the holidays and those cold winter nights.  This month, look out for the rich, chocolatey Exodus Porter, the generously spiced seasonal Festive Ale, as well as our most recent dark side creation, the fresh-from-the-field Double IPA Border Hopper.

If you’re ready to join the movement of the people, let Exodus Porter – first brewed on Bob Marley’s birthday – take you on a transcendental taste experience.  Give your taste buds something to rise up about with distinct irie hop notes that transition into rich waves of chocolate.  Bask in the 2-row, Munich and caramel malts as well as Centennial and Golding hops in this 6.5 percent ABV Legend-ary porter.

Exodus is SweetWater’s most decorated beer, taking home multiple Gold and Silver medals at both the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup and is only available on draft at the brewery tours beginning Oct 13th and in the Winter Edition of the SweetWater Tackle Box (along with 420, IPA and Georgia Brown) from mid-October through early March, so drink up, Mon.

Just in time for the holidays is the Festive Ale.  A strong cheerfully spiced seasonal ale with big complex flavors to keep you warm and toasted all season long.  Brewed only one day per year this high octane 8.6% ABV ale has a sleigh load of Centennial and Golding hops and is capped with a dose of cinnamon and mac. This brew is one that will definitely ring your (jingle) bell!  But don’t wait to enjoy this one!  Like the holidays, it comes around once a year and will be only be available until late December.

Up next, we are crossing borders and boundaries with the latest Dank Tank creation – Border Hopper, with a little help from their friend, Señor Dank, who left his wife, Lupa, and their eight screaming babies in search of the freshest hop harvest in the land and the promise fields of Buford Highway.  His censored journey began in the hop fields of Yakima where he scored some of the stickiest, freshest green hops, found a farmer’s daughter, and ended up in Atlanta where he deals his stash to the boys at SweetWater to create this highly aggressive, censored, and muy fresh double India pale ale.

This brew is pushing the envelope as our newest addition to the series of rarely released, experimental beers. The double IPA, brewed with fresh Citra hops, is 8.6 percent ABV, comes in 22 ounce bottles and on draft and is best served fresh.  But act fast because this stash won’t last forever.  Just like that rash you got in Tijuana, the Border Hopper will be gone just as soon as the next brewing itch needs to be scratched.

Don’t Get Caught Behind Santa’s Sleigh: Book Your Holiday Parties Soon

Atlanta Brewery for EventsAs summer segues into fall and the weather brings a little nip to the air here in Atlanta, the holiday season is creep in on us.  Move quick though cause the brewery fills up fast around that time of year, so if you were thinking about booking your Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, or other wintertime holiday party at SweetWater, you should go ahead, jingle those bells and start planning.

SweetWater Brewery is the perfect location for your holiday shindig (how many stale banquet halls can offer private beer tastings?!). Our luxurious tasting room (seen in the photo) and large brick patio can accommodate up to 650 of your closest friends. We can recommend local caterers and restaurants to ensure your party is thoroughly delicious, or you can bring in your own food. Of course, we’ll provide the beer!

Don’t get run over by a reindeer this year. Contact our tasting room and events manager Nicole Massey to book your party at nicole@sweetwaterbrew.com today!