Glaciers, Grizzlies and Garments: A Gift Guide

That time of year when you have to guess how much you think someone is gonna spend on you and shoot for a little bit higher (or lower) is back, and we’re here to make it as easy as possible to cross off all the brewery schwag on your list. Here’s how the shopping high holidays are going down:


Buy a reusable SweetWater tote for $4.20 and get 25% off anything you can stuff inside. The first 25 people in line also get a free tote with a gift card good for anywhere from $5 to $20 (and I’m pretty sure I saw a $50 fall in one).


Use the promo code GIFTY420 to get 20% off all your orders across the board. On top of that we got some time-sensitive deals you can take advantage of depending on when you order:

  • 12 am – 6 am: Free t-shirt
  • 6:01 am – 12 pm: $15 gift card (for future use)
  • 12:01 pm – 6 pm: Free pint glass
  • 6:01 pm – 11:59 pm: Free koozie

Now what to get is an entirely different beast. Here’s a quick guide to help you avoid getting the “oh…thanks” on Christmas morning/Hanukkah nights/Kwanzaa…afternoon?


grizzly for web

Grizzly 16 Cooler

It’s not everyday you get to use the term “bear-proof,” but these things have been thoroughly tested to stump even Yogi and Boo Boo. Although with that badass tie-dye paint job, keeping thirsty humans out might be the real challenge.

Cathedral Vest

You ever get stuck in that weird “I’m cold but not jacket cold” gray area? That’s literally why vests exist. Look it up. This sucker keeps your core warm, arms free, and plushness levels at an all-time high.

Glacial Fleece Half Zip

Ask anybody from the North about keeping warm and in between telling you about their uphill walks to and from school, you’ll probably get a line about layering. That’s what this beaut is built to do. Thick enough to keep you warm, thin enough to fit under another layer if you need it.

fleece for blog


People who willingly squash their junk up against a narrow bike seat are a rare breed. If you’re shopping for a hardcore 100 miler who insists on being aerodynamic to the point of shaving body hair, we’ve got some heady gift ideas for you. Check out our men’s bibs, jerseys and shorts and  women’s jerseys, tanks and shorts. If you don’t shave a few minutes off your PR in these, it’s that extra Hop Hash you had last night and not the gear.

bike jerseys for blog


Let’s say your boss gave you something, or maybe you’ve been dating someone for only a few weeks but it’s the holidays so you kind of have to get them a gift. No sweat, we got you.

Oowee Leather Koozie

I don’t know if Oowee was the first company to think of a leather koozie, but they’ve perfected the art. Ruggedly handsome yet practical (just like us).

Brown Bag Soap Co. Gift-Wrapped Bars

The first time someone gave me soap as a gift, I took it to mean my fragrance was not to their liking. Turns out that’s 100% what was happening. With these rustically-wrapped soap bars made with our brews, you can be as overt or subtle in your underlying gift messaging as you like.

Brown Bag Soap Co. Candles

What’s the difference between a romantic evening and an aromatic one? Just these candles made with our beer, and two letters I guess. Brown Bag just started making these Alcoholwicks (best name ever), and they turned out as awesome as the soap.

Last little note from us, our tours will be running normally EXCEPT for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve/Day and New Year’s Eve/Day. Our shop is open M-F 9am-5pm and always during tours. Now get out there and win the holidays because despite what anyone says, gift giving is a competition and should be taken seriously.

Our casks are officially brewed off

We’re about back to normal (in more ways than one) after Saturday’s Brew Your Cask Off. Big thanks to everyone who came out, all our guest brewers and of course our amazing staff and volunteers. Without further shenaniganery, here’s how the night went down:

Pro Winner and First Overall

#109 Jailhouse Brewing – “Danch Meng Blueberry Bootlegger”

Breakout Stout with a field of bourbon-soaked blueberries and just the right amount of danch meng ethiopian cold steep coffee

Judges Panel Awards

1st Place: #61 United Distributors Craft Team – “The Walking Dad”

420 base with dried apricot, grapefruit peel and peach extract; re-fermented with brown sugar and 3463 Forbidden Fruit yeast; and dry-hopped with Simcoe and Apollo

2nd Place: #38 Your Pie – “Big Hoppy Snow Bird”

A twist on a white IPA. We took the sweet Belgian characteristics of a white IPA and gave them a bitter citrus bite. A great fruity aroma with juicy flavors.
3rd Place: #6 Varner’s Tavern – “1st Crack Toasted Leann Dubh

Stout with coffee, whisky and vanilla flavors. The name “1st Crack” comes from the sound coffee beans make during toasting. ex. 1st crack, 2nd crack, 3rd crack

People’s Choice Award

#40 Cypress Street Pint & Plate – “Fruity Pebbles”

These fruity pebbles will make your bed rock! It’s Saturday morning fool!

Biggest Loser

#17 Duckworth’s Grill & Taphouse – “Ain’t That a Peach”

Lactobacillus Sour Peach Wheat

Nice little mix there with the winners. This year we actually had more casks than ever blow up before the event – looks like folks went a little heavy handed on the fermentable sugars being dumped into casks.

Special shout out to Hennessy Transportation for keepin the shuttles running all night long, Hop City for helping get all the cask ingredients together, OI for the fancy tasting glasses and Radio 105.7 for setting up the People’s Choice Award voting. Last but not least, huge thanks to Georgia Conservancy for helping us put the whole thing on. You all helped us raise roughly $3,200 for these good folks!

So sit back, crack open a coldie and enjoy some choice shots from the evening.