2013 Fishing Calendar & Events Calendars

Time flies when you’re having fun…and drinkin’ craft beer. Who the hell can believe we survived the “end of the world” and are well on our way to droppin’ the ball for 2013? We’ve got ya covered with all the need-to-know info going in to the new year.

Check out our new Fishing Calendar, and our brand-spankin’-new Events Calendar, giving you fine folks the 411 on our heady lineup release dates and SweetWater hosted parties/events to plan for in 2013.

Take notice, on the Events Calendar Brew Your Cask Off has been moved to the fall.

Happy fishin’ and see y’all on the flipside!




Unleashing The Gimp and Happy Ending Just in Time for the End of the World!


With the world ending this Friday, we’re making sure that we can all go out with a bang…or at least a good buzz.

The bottling line has been workin’ all day long, pumping out a double dosage of our latest and dankest. We’ve been busy popping off 22-ounce bombers of The Gimp and Happy Ending, prepping to get ’em on the road to hit shelves and draft taps across the Southeast over the next couple weeks. Get your livers ready folks, these two weigh in at a whopping 9% and 10.3% ABV.

See below for more brew details and get a load of photos from the bottling action in our Flickr album.

In honor of the “end of the world” this Friday, 12/21, Happy Ending will make its 6th annual draft debut at our 5:30 p.m. tour ensuring that our SweetWater family, along with our nearest and dearest (that’s you guys), go out with a smile on their faces. So grab the ones ya love, and come hunker down with us. If we all make it out alive, next Wednesday after Christmas 12/26, we’ll be breaking The Gimp out of the closet so y’all to get your sample on at our tour. What better way to nurse those holiday hangovers?

IMG_5488The 411 on The Gimp:

This Old Ale, a product of our Dank Tank, promises to tease your senses, giving off sweet scents of caramel and toffee mixed with warming sensations of alcohol and malt, all well-balanced with a low-voltage dose of hops. We advise y’all stash this one in your cellars for a few months before breaking the seal, but once you pop the top know its submissive deliciousness will be sure to please. Warning: this brew gags up 10.3% ABV so we suggest to ease in to The Gimp with caution. You can find The Gimp in 22-ounce bottles and a limited supply of kegs just in time for Christmas. Cage them up while ya can, this brew is a limited-time run.


The Skinny on Happy Ending:

As part of our Catch and Release seasonal lineup of brews, Happy Ending returns with a mouthful of bliss in every sip. This Imperial Stout is brewed with Centennial and Willamette hops, and finished off with a dry-hop addition of Cascade and Simcoe hops. Measuring out to a whopping 9% ABV, the award-winning beer is a true dry-hopped stiffy with an explosive finish. You can expect it to hit shelves in sixers and 22-ounce hand-waxed bombers, as well as on draft in select locations by the end of the year.  Make sure you stock up through the New Year, ’cause we’ll be cleaning up shop in late February…so snatch ’em before they’re gone!

Festive Video: Feat. Jewish Santa & Holiday Gift Ideas

Ho, ho, ho and merry Christmakwanzakkuh folks! We’ve got a special treat to get you in the holiday spirit. We’ve been working with the creative brainchildren over at Lords of Sapelo Productions on a web video series that we’ll be calling “Fish Tales” unleashing the 411 on our lip-smackin’ lineup of brews…and featuring a handful of our brewers, tour staff and crazy ghosts of SweetWater past. Get a load of our Festive Ale video below featuring Big Jewish Santa! And keep an eye out on our YouTube Channel where we’ll be including the rest when they’re finished!

Remember, this Catch & Release brew will be gone quicker than a potato pancake on Hanukkah night and and won’t linger longer than a mall Santa’s buzz. So get it while ya can…cause come this New Year, it’ll be gone.

Want to be nice to those who’ve been naughty? Get a load of  all the schwag the SweetWater elves have been busy getting together all year round. We’ve got great stocking stuffers from as low as $1 and gifts that even Scrooges in your life can’t turn down, all available in our Schwag Shop. Here’s some ideas to get the juices flowin’.