Souvenir Beer? At tours? More likely than you might think


Turns out the “Georgia Beer Bill” as interpreted by the DOR is not what we were told it was supposed to be when this bill became law over the summer. After SB 63 went into effect, we introduced a few options for you guys – just do our regular tour and tasting, or do the tour, tasting and take home your choice of brews. On Tuesday, September 29, a bulletin was sent to all Georgia breweries explaining that this wasn’t exactly legal. We, along with good folks like the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild, are working through the nitty gritty legalities to determine what we can do with souvenir beer moving forward. While we’re figuring it out, in order to give you guys the tour and tasting experience you’ve come to expect over the years, we’re gonna go back to pre-July 1st days – no souvenir beer (for now), and there’s one price for entry: $10. In the meantime, pick up some SweetWater post-tour at any of our awesome retail partners.

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As of July 1, yall have the option to sample up to 36 oz of beer in our tap rooms and, if you want, take another 72 oz to go to enjoy when you get home (or wherever you’re headed).

We got a few different ways you can get heady. All our options are subject to availability.

  • $10 – Standard Tour (Souvenir pint glass with (6) 6oz samples)
  • $20 – Standard Tour + CHOICE OF (1) Souvenir 6 pack/mix-a-six -OR- (1) Souvenir 22oz bomber
  • $25 – Standard Tour + CHOICE OF (1) Souvenir 64 oz growler & growler fill -OR- (1) 750ml Cork & Cage bottle

Here’s how it’ll work. Decide what tour package you want at the front desk. You can’t change it up after you’ve made your purchase so pick carefully. After you check out you’ll get a ticket that will double as your 6 drink tickets.

When you’re done sampling, head over to the schwag shop to redeem the ticket for your Souvenir Beer. Don’t open it till you get home! You CANNOT open or drink Souvenir Beer while at the brewery.

We know this is a big ol change from the way we’ve been doing things for the last 18 years, so we thank yall in advance for having patience as we get it figured out the first few weeks.