Conditioned for your pleasure

After 17 years of slingin’ beers we figured it was time to give the ol’ bottle a facelift. Feast your eyes on the future yall.

new bottle for blog

Now that’s a nice piece of a glass. The boys and girls from Owens-Illinois put this beauty together for us and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

But it ain’t just the outside that got freshened up – the liquid in those shiny new bottles is better than ever too.

We swear by the quality of our brews, and with our little fishing community getting bigger all the time we wanted to make sure our brews are stayin tasty no matter where you enjoy em.

Bottle conditioning is helping us do that. You mighta heard about us conditioning 420 & IPA in cans, but now we’re movin the process to bottles starting with 420.

Our master of drawing and stuff put together an infographic that explains the whole process pretty well, so we’ll let that do the talking.


One thing we do wanna let yall know about is that you might notice some stuff floating in your 420 bottles. It’s just a little bit of leftover yeast that’s clumped together after conditioning – totally normal and won’t hurt ya.