El Dank Returns with Pulled Porter

12540771_10153553267149219_7143664609398660944_nEl Danko finally sobered up just long enough to get back in the brew house after a two year bender. He teamed up with Justin and Jonathan Fox (of our local Atlanta Fox Bros Bar-B-Q) to come up with a smoked bacon porter we’re calling Pulled Porter.

PP BottleOver the course of three days, the crew from Fox Bros. smoked one ton of malt on their wood-burning Lang smokers, using nothing but hickory. Bennett Hollberg helped the brothers hotbox the parking lot (we couldn’t believe it either) and said “Each batch of malt smoked for 5 hours at 250 degrees to get a nice toast and plenty of good smoke without burning it.”

To add that extra bit of oink, we tossed racks of bacon in the smoker to infuse the smoking malt.

Check out some pics of the smoking process, Justin & Jonathan Fox, and the bottle here.

Nitty gritty on Pulled Porter:

  • Available in 22 oz bottles for an extremely limited time anywhere the fishing is good
  • Malts:   64% 2-Row, 11% Smoked 2-Row, 6% Munich, 4% Wheat, 5% 70/80, 2% Roashed Wheat, 3% Midnight Wheat, 5% Chocolate
  • Hops:  Centennial, Golding, Willamette, Cascade
  • ABV:  7.7%
  • IBUs:  27

19th Anniversary Party

19th bottle.jpg

SweetWater is turning 19 this year and we’re ready to blow the doors off as we celebrate the last of our teenage years – you know, when we know everything there is to know in the world! Party goes down 2/21 from 2-6 pm.

TBLSH 2016 Press_10.27.15_NicoleFaraSilver.jpgWe’re going deep and keeping the doors open for four hours of festivities, two sets of fresh from the The Bright Light Social Hour, and one toast at 4:20 from that’ll either inspire or confuse all y’all!

There will be some glassware that’s most dope, we’ll be going elbow deep into the cooler stash to break out a slew of tasty treats to sip on including unique cask creations from our brewers and some food trucks on the lot to keep it heady.

Grab those tickets quick like, cuz this sucker sells out each year and no tickets will be sold day of.

Hope you can celebrate with us!

Hold on to your butts…beer list incoming:
Anniversary Beer Vertical:
1. 16th Anniversary Red Wheat Wine
2. 17th Anniversary Saison
3. 18th Anniversary Belgian Tripel
4. 19th Anniversary Belgian golden w/ brettanomyces aged in merlot, cabernet barrels

Barrel Aged:
5. California Woody (17th anniversary saison aged in cabernet barrels)
6. Bobblehead Bob (Barrel Aged) Oatmeal Stout
7. Tennessee Festive (Festive Ale aged in Tennessee whiskey barrels)
8. Road Trip (Aged in Herradura Barrels)

On the Dark Side:
9. Exodus Porter
10. Festive Ale 2011
11. BSP Quadrupel
Cellarman Concoctions:
12. Bourbon barrel aged brettanomyces bruxellensis ale
13. Bourbon barrel aged brettanomyces & the funky bunch

Lineup Staples:
1. 420
2. IPA
3. Blue
4. Take Two Pils
5. Hop Hash
6. Georgia Brown

Winter & Spring Seasonals:
1. 2016 Happy Ending
2. Whiplash
3. Hash Session


Holiday Hours at the Brewery

We’re closin’ up shop for the holidays, but you better not cry! You can still come visit us on all the other days. Check out our Holiday hours, otherwise we’ll have regular tour and tasting hours — Wed – Fri 5:30 – 7:30 pm & Sat/Sun 2:30  – 4:30 pm.


  • Wednesday 12/23 — OPEN 5:30 – 7:30 pm
  • Thursday 12/24 —  CLOSED X-mas Eve
  • Friday 12/25 — CLOSED X-mas
  • Saturday 12/26 — 12:00 – 4:30 pm
  • Sunday 12/27 — 2:30 – 4:30 pm
  • Thursday 12/31 — CLOSED New Years Eve


  • Friday 1/1 — 5:30 – 9:00 pm
  • Saturday 1/2 — 2:30 – 4:30 pm
  • Sunday 1/3 — 2:30 – 4:30 pm


Westbound & Down

Westbound and down

Beer nerds know a bunch of the big West Coast breweries are starting up operations on our side of the Rockies. With 18 states (and DC) under our belt in the East, and the biggest brewery in the Southeast, we think it’s time we returned the favor and head out west.

Few months ago our Big Kahuna Freddy spotted a sweet opportunity to buy up a brew house and some tanks out in Cali. Now we’re looking for the perfect spot to put down roots to build another brewery and start slinging beers out West. Anywhere is fair game for now – got a lot of lookin to do before we make any calls – but wherever we wind up building you better believe we’re gonna do it right.

This’ll put our lip-smackin’ brews back in the hands of folks that have been missing ’em (or never had the pleasure in the first place) PLUS make sure each and every one of those bottles, cans or pints is as fresh as humanly possible.

So thanks to the folks who have stuck with us on the wild ride and see ya soon to everyone out west. We gonna do what they say can’t be done!

Announcing Our New Brew, The Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

SweetWater Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Throw on your smoking jacket and light a fire, we have officially released our first barrel aged brew, Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout — the second brew from our Cork & Cage Series, a high-gravity, small batch line up that explores the edges of classic beer styles including barrel-aged beers, sours and wild ales.

The stout is a supremely rich, full-bodied imperial stout that hits your mouth with notes of chocolate and bourbon. Not only does the flavor pack a punch, but at 11.2%, it’s our highest ABV brew

This dignified gent has a dark side that’s savory, with a velvety mouthfeel, robust dark chocolate and vanilla aroma, and flavors of roasted malt and char. Prime for the cooler weather, this burly beer warms you up with its bourbon characteristics.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout hit shelves Monday, October 5, and will continue to be distributed throughout the year as new batches are ready.

We’re Flowing Into the Northeast

SweetWater NYC

In NYC, NJ, PA or CT?   SweetWater’s now in bars and stores near you!

In June, we announced distribution into Northern New Jersey with Peerless Beverage Company; in the Philly area with Muller Inc; Manhattan Beer Distributors in New York City; Star Distributors and A. Gallo & Co in Connecticut, and Wilsbach Distributors in Central PA.

Our team couldn’t be more stoked to introduce the SweetWater to the Northeast  Find the Facebook page for each individual market (you can start by going to Facebook.com/SweetWaterBrew and navigate from there), and you’ll see that we have tap takeovers, concerts and all sorts of events for you to try our heady brews and meet folks from the brewery.   Come out and meet us!

Newest Catch-and-Release Seasonal: Hash Brown

Hash Brown

Our brewers have fired up their skillet to 420° to create this Fall’s  catch-and-release seasonal, Hash Brown. This sizzling malt concoction is made with 2-row, Wheat, Pale Chocolate, Cara-Brown, and Midnight Wheat with an added dose of hop hash and other dank fixin’s. On your first sip, it’s obvious this is not your typical brown ale.

Hash Brown is our second hash brew, joining Hop Hash, a year-round brand released in late 2014. This new brew delivers a huge hop forward you’d expect from the aroma, but with a lighter malt bill and 6.2% AVB – This is one that’s easy to go back to for seconds and thirds! Almost burgundy in color with a creamy head, this attractive ale comes in at 60 IBUs.

For both Hash Brown and Hop Hash, our brewers visit our hop farmer in Oregon and scrape their pelletizers clean to collect the concentrated f hop resin, known as hash. When added to a brew, this underused byproduct provides a serious punch to the palate. Hop hash is danky deliciousness.

Hash Brown is available in 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles, in cans available exclusively with the fall TackleBox variety 12-pack, and on draft through fall.

Save Our Water with The Big Float!


Every year, our Save Our Water campaign aims to raise money and awareness for waterways all over the southeast. Clean water is a cause that’s near and dear to us, not only because we love gettin out there for fishing, swimming and floating, but also because no clean water means no beer.

Well this year we’re closing out Save Our Water with a day of sipping and paddling we’re calling The Big Float.

On Saturday, August 29, local outfitters and Waterkeeper organizations are teaming up to get everyone on the water at the same time. If you’re in Atlanta, we’ve got 8 different trips on the Hooch lined up with Chattahoochee Riverkeeper. We’re also throwing an afterparty at the brewery with food, live tunes and a raffle to win a Mad River canoe.

If you’re somewhere else where our heady brews flow, hit up waterkeeperbrew.org/thebigfloat to find out where you can get wet. Each outfitter has a different fee, but a portion of proceeds go back to your local Waterkeeper to help preserve and protect local water.

Stay tuned on facebook for updates and info!

Souvenir Beer? At tours? More likely than you might think


Turns out the “Georgia Beer Bill” as interpreted by the DOR is not what we were told it was supposed to be when this bill became law over the summer. After SB 63 went into effect, we introduced a few options for you guys – just do our regular tour and tasting, or do the tour, tasting and take home your choice of brews. On Tuesday, September 29, a bulletin was sent to all Georgia breweries explaining that this wasn’t exactly legal. We, along with good folks like the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild, are working through the nitty gritty legalities to determine what we can do with souvenir beer moving forward. While we’re figuring it out, in order to give you guys the tour and tasting experience you’ve come to expect over the years, we’re gonna go back to pre-July 1st days – no souvenir beer (for now), and there’s one price for entry: $10. In the meantime, pick up some SweetWater post-tour at any of our awesome retail partners.

For more info on what’s up, visit http://www.georgiacraftbrewersguild.org/
As of July 1, yall have the option to sample up to 36 oz of beer in our tap rooms and, if you want, take another 72 oz to go to enjoy when you get home (or wherever you’re headed).

We got a few different ways you can get heady. All our options are subject to availability.

  • $10 – Standard Tour (Souvenir pint glass with (6) 6oz samples)
  • $20 – Standard Tour + CHOICE OF (1) Souvenir 6 pack/mix-a-six -OR- (1) Souvenir 22oz bomber
  • $25 – Standard Tour + CHOICE OF (1) Souvenir 64 oz growler & growler fill -OR- (1) 750ml Cork & Cage bottle

Here’s how it’ll work. Decide what tour package you want at the front desk. You can’t change it up after you’ve made your purchase so pick carefully. After you check out you’ll get a ticket that will double as your 6 drink tickets.

When you’re done sampling, head over to the schwag shop to redeem the ticket for your Souvenir Beer. Don’t open it till you get home! You CANNOT open or drink Souvenir Beer while at the brewery.

We know this is a big ol change from the way we’ve been doing things for the last 18 years, so we thank yall in advance for having patience as we get it figured out the first few weeks.

A birthday, a beer and bacteria


There’s a sour to be in these Merlot and Cab barrels

If you’re a super beer geek or just a general SweetWater geek, you may have heard about the barrel-aged sour that’s in the works from us. Because there was–and still is one funking away, but unfortunately it won’t be ready in time for our 18th Anniversary.

We even had a label approved by the TTB (Feds who approve alcohol labels) back in December in case it was ready in time for our anniversary next month.

Funny thing about bacteria like Lactobacillus is they work at their own speed – you literally have to let nature run its course for a beer to sour. After regular tastings over the past few months, what we’re working with is not gonna be as sour as we want it by February when we blow the doors off the brewery for our 18th birthday party which, did we mention, The Revivalists are playing? Here’s the 411 on that: https://www.facebook.com/events/479671675507266/

Choice was pretty clear to us: let’s let this funky sour sit in the barrels a while longer til she’s good and ready to party with us and look to brew another beautiful beer to celebrate our 18th in February.

We settled on a Belgian-style Tripel hopped up with Centennial, Amarillo and Sterling, then dry-hopped with more Amarillo and Sterling. We’re also using the same Ardennes yeast as Spinnerbait to give it that nice kick of spiciness.

By then in February, the cork and cage filler we snagged from the fellas up at Brooklyn Brewing will be running, so the Tripel aka 18th Anniversary will still be our first cork ‘n cage release. Then, whenever the sour’s profile matches up with our expectations, we’ll bottle that off and enjoy the funk out of it!

IMG_1710 (Large)At the end of the day, it’s never an exact science when bacteria and barrels are involved, but we know y’all are gonna enjoy what we cooked up while you wait for the sour. Live and learn, serve no wine before its time, keep pushing our boundaries and taste buds, and keep drinking good beer!