We found our brews!


Well, they found our brews!

Today, the majority of the 78,528 bottles from the 3,272 cases stolen from our brewery on Tuesday, June 21, were returned thanks to efforts by the GBI’s Major Theft Unit and Southeastern Transportation Security Council (SETSC) (the aforementioned they).

Of the 40 pallets stolen, 10 were recovered the day of the theft; the remaining 30 pallets (minus a few cases) were returned today.

This is a big step forward in the resolving the case, according to GBI special agents and Cargo Theft Investigator Bob Hastings of SETSC, who tracked down the remaining stolen beer.  GBI and SETSC will continue to assist the Atlanta Police Department in solving the crime.

Unfortunately, the return of the stolen brews does not mean the product is able to be sold or consumed–every bottle will be destroyed.  The product is being sent to Synergy Solutions Crisp County, a zero landfill, biofuel and waste recycling company.

Many thanks for all the hard work from the APD, GBI and SETSC for helping us get our brews back!


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