Get Heady(er) at 420 Fest


Less than 72 hours until the 12th Annual SweetWater 420 Fest blasts off into the funkosphere with headliners like Ludacris, Cypress Hill, Disco Biscuits and the legendary Roots crew.

Havin’ a helluva time at the fest is as easy as showing up, but with so much headiness packed into every hour of the fest we owe it to y’all to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the really good stuff.

Plan it out

Print out the schedule, save it as your phone’s background, tattoo it on your thigh, whatever you need – just make sure you’re real familiar with it so you don’t miss anyone you’re dying to see.

Don’t Stay Glued to the Main Stage


Lotta folks don’t realize the caliber of talent we got slaying the Planet 420 Stage this year – which just means it’s easier to get up front. Make sure you swing by for AWOLNATION, Robert Delong, Pepper and a shitload of other artists.

We’ve also got some A+ talent in the new Lyrics and Laughter Tent, plus music for the first time ever. Don’t miss two smokin’ sets from Judah Friedlander Sat/Sun!

Oh, the weather outside is…weather


Forecast looks mostly solid but be a boy scout and prepare for the worst. Put your wallet, cash, ID and valuables in a Ziploc bag in case you end up getting wet – whether its rain or a stray beer. Betting man says Friday gets some a.m. rain, Sat/Sun are sunny.  Don’t forget the sunscreen, too.

There’s more than music


Obviously if you’re at 420 Fest you’re tryin to get down to some heady tunes, but don’t pass up the full fest experience. Speaking of, the SweetWater Experience Tent where we’ve got over 40 unique brews you won’t try anywhere else, plus sessions on beer & cheese pairings, meet & greets and more.


Hit up the artist market for a boatload of jewelry, t-shirts and hand made art or get crunchy in Planet 420 learning about great nonprofits from all over.

Drink Water

Beers, dancing and hiking around Centennial Olympic Park all take water outta you. Make sure you’re putting it back in, or you’re gonna have a bad time. Free water stations are located throughout the fest – bring an empty to fill up.

Look like you belong


420 Fest merch is available at the Schwag Shop brewery (and online). Swing by for our giant 4/20 tour bash and pick up a piece or two, then roll into the park Friday lookin’ like you own the place.


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