Quality Hooch Kick Off

c0cac1f2-e570-4e5b-baed-e6e6fbdead1eDid you know all the water used to brew our beer comes from the Chattahoochee River? It’s a big part of why we’re so serious about protecting it. Well that and it’s a badass place to go fishing, paddle, float or just visit.

We’re teaming up with Orvis Atlanta and Chattahoochee Riverkeeper to raise funds for the deployment of new water monitoring sensors, which will let CRK remotely monitor the river’s water quality at key watershed locations.

This is a pretty heady new technology but it comes at a cost, so we need yalls help in raising funds to get 50 units placed along the Hooch. Luckily it’s pretty easy to get involved – sign up to come out to the kickoff event w/ free food, brews and goodies from Orvis and buy a hat or shirt to support the cause.


Guest Speakers – Check out the full lineup here!


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