El Dank Returns with Pulled Porter

12540771_10153553267149219_7143664609398660944_nEl Danko finally sobered up just long enough to get back in the brew house after a two year bender. He teamed up with Justin and Jonathan Fox (of our local Atlanta Fox Bros Bar-B-Q) to come up with a smoked bacon porter we’re calling Pulled Porter.

PP BottleOver the course of three days, the crew from Fox Bros. smoked one ton of malt on their wood-burning Lang smokers, using nothing but hickory. Bennett Hollberg helped the brothers hotbox the parking lot (we couldn’t believe it either) and said “Each batch of malt smoked for 5 hours at 250 degrees to get a nice toast and plenty of good smoke without burning it.”

To add that extra bit of oink, we tossed racks of bacon in the smoker to infuse the smoking malt.

Check out some pics of the smoking process, Justin & Jonathan Fox, and the bottle here.

Nitty gritty on Pulled Porter:

  • Available in 22 oz bottles for an extremely limited time anywhere the fishing is good
  • Malts:   64% 2-Row, 11% Smoked 2-Row, 6% Munich, 4% Wheat, 5% 70/80, 2% Roashed Wheat, 3% Midnight Wheat, 5% Chocolate
  • Hops:  Centennial, Golding, Willamette, Cascade
  • ABV:  7.7%
  • IBUs:  27

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