19th Anniversary Party

19th bottle.jpg

SweetWater is turning 19 this year and we’re ready to blow the doors off as we celebrate the last of our teenage years – you know, when we know everything there is to know in the world! Party goes down 2/21 from 2-6 pm.

TBLSH 2016 Press_10.27.15_NicoleFaraSilver.jpgWe’re going deep and keeping the doors open for four hours of festivities, two sets of fresh from the The Bright Light Social Hour, and one toast at 4:20 from that’ll either inspire or confuse all y’all!

There will be some glassware that’s most dope, we’ll be going elbow deep into the cooler stash to break out a slew of tasty treats to sip on including unique cask creations from our brewers and some food trucks on the lot to keep it heady.

Grab those tickets quick like, cuz this sucker sells out each year and no tickets will be sold day of.

Hope you can celebrate with us!

Hold on to your butts…beer list incoming:
Anniversary Beer Vertical:
1. 16th Anniversary Red Wheat Wine
2. 17th Anniversary Saison
3. 18th Anniversary Belgian Tripel
4. 19th Anniversary Belgian golden w/ brettanomyces aged in merlot, cabernet barrels

Barrel Aged:
5. California Woody (17th anniversary saison aged in cabernet barrels)
6. Bobblehead Bob (Barrel Aged) Oatmeal Stout
7. Tennessee Festive (Festive Ale aged in Tennessee whiskey barrels)
8. Road Trip (Aged in Herradura Barrels)

On the Dark Side:
9. Exodus Porter
10. Festive Ale 2011
11. BSP Quadrupel
Cellarman Concoctions:
12. Bourbon barrel aged brettanomyces bruxellensis ale
13. Bourbon barrel aged brettanomyces & the funky bunch

Lineup Staples:
1. 420
2. IPA
3. Blue
4. Take Two Pils
5. Hop Hash
6. Georgia Brown

Winter & Spring Seasonals:
1. 2016 Happy Ending
2. Whiplash
3. Hash Session



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