Newest Catch-and-Release Seasonal: Hash Brown

Hash Brown

Our brewers have fired up their skillet to 420° to create this Fall’s  catch-and-release seasonal, Hash Brown. This sizzling malt concoction is made with 2-row, Wheat, Pale Chocolate, Cara-Brown, and Midnight Wheat with an added dose of hop hash and other dank fixin’s. On your first sip, it’s obvious this is not your typical brown ale.

Hash Brown is our second hash brew, joining Hop Hash, a year-round brand released in late 2014. This new brew delivers a huge hop forward you’d expect from the aroma, but with a lighter malt bill and 6.2% AVB – This is one that’s easy to go back to for seconds and thirds! Almost burgundy in color with a creamy head, this attractive ale comes in at 60 IBUs.

For both Hash Brown and Hop Hash, our brewers visit our hop farmer in Oregon and scrape their pelletizers clean to collect the concentrated f hop resin, known as hash. When added to a brew, this underused byproduct provides a serious punch to the palate. Hop hash is danky deliciousness.

Hash Brown is available in 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles, in cans available exclusively with the fall TackleBox variety 12-pack, and on draft through fall.


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