Cheers to 17 Years of Heady Beers


Big thanks to everyone who came out to help us celebrate our 17th Anniversary Sunday and to all those who celebrated with us from afar. It was a pretty big party – how big you ask? Well, let us tell you…

By the Numbers

Millions of brain cells killed (only the weak ones)
2,200 Friends and Family hanging out
1,024 Check-ins to our brews on untappd
740 Gallons of heady brews poured
150 Cans in our (mostly not leaning) Tower of Cans
33 SweetWater Beer-slingers slinging beer
30 Minutes to float the first keg (Big Ol Belgian Blue Balls)
29 Heady Brews flowing
20 Fur Bus Shuttle Trips between MARTA and the brewery
17 Special Brews busted out of the cellar
A lot of glasses broken
5 Cakes thrown
4 Drivers Licenses lost (we got em by the way, call 404.691.ALES)
3 Food Trucks
2 Sets from Like a Locomotive
1 Big Ol’ Hangover Monday morning

We gotta give a shout out to Addison Hill for snapping photos (check em out on Facebook or Flickr), plus Brian, Rob and the rest of the guys from JAOPRO for the killer video up there at the top. Speaking of, check out Voyage, a flick they shot while floatin’ down the river from East Tennessee to the Gulf of Mexico. Pretty cool concept and plenty of cameos by yours truly.

17thBDay_0026 (Large)

Now it’s time to start that countdown to our next big fiesta, 420 Fest. See y’all there in 53 days.

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