SweetWater’s Sweet 16 Recap with Photos

SWsweet16_Feb2013_00753Well, it looks like we survived 16 years of  heady beers, and while we may have knocked out a few more brain cells celebrating the occasion this weekend, it was definitely one of the most rad parties for our record books.

We had one hell of a group come out to show some birthday love. Pimpin’ out some of the finest neon, crimped hair and spandex the city has seen since 1985, y’all truly made this SweetWater-palooza one of our most fave parties to date.

Cheers to the winners of the costume contest for their rendition of Caddyshack. They took home 16 buckeroos and a party at the brewery, plus bragging rights for their totally tubular outfits. 

Yacht Rock Revue killed it with  an insane jam-sesh, while we tore up that tie dye birthday cake and filled up on Red Wheat Wine, which had us feelin’ fine (until those hangovers kicked in on Monday). Big ups on those who played it safe hopping a ride with the Fur Bus shuttle to MARTA, or those who used Uber. We can’t thank ’em enough for hooking us up for this event.

PHOTO INFO: All in all, you party animals killed, which means it might have left your memory of the day’s event a little foggy. We have a small handful of pics below, but go ahead and check our full album of pictures on Flickr for a righteous reminder, and check out your photo booth pics here. Props to Addison Hill Photography and Chucky Foto for capturing the fun.

Here’s raising a little hair of the dog as we roll on down the line to the big 1-7. See y’all there!


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