El Danko is Ready to Bring Out The Gimp!

We know y’all have been salivating for your turn to dance with our newest Dank Tank, and we’re hoping unleash The Gimp before the year’s end. Our brewers have been marinating on the latest and greatest freak show for a while, and we are getting ready to party!

This Old Ale is meant to be stashed for a few months to mature in your cellar, but once broken out its submissive deliciousness will be giving off sweet scents of caramel and toffee, and warming sensations of alcohol and malt balanced with hops. We’ve got to warn ya, this brew gags up 10.3% ABV so we suggest easing in to The Gimp with caution.

We’re hoping to debut the spankster before the year is out, but until we’re ready to crack the seal on the cage, we’ll tease ya with the unveil of  The Gimp’s label for a little back-story on the brew.   


2 thoughts on “El Danko is Ready to Bring Out The Gimp!

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