Motor Boat Update

You Motor Boatin’ sons of…

Today we made the announcement that Motor Boat is returning to shelves in August, and teased more info leading up to the official launch of LowRYEder. In our press release we made mention of Motor Boat “sailing off into the sunset this October,” as it is a limited-time brew and part of our Catch and Release lineup.

We got a little liberal with the nautical references, so we wanted to go head and clear up some confusion. Motor Boat is most definitely still a part of our Catch and Release lineup, and won’t be gone for good. It’ll hit shelves as usual, during it’s couple-month-stretch and return next year. LowRYEder will be debuting in bottles this September, not to replace Motor Boat, but just to launch as the newest addition to our year-round lineup making its debut in 12-ounce bottles.  See below for more details from today’s announcement:


Award-winning seasonal back on shelves while new annual gets ready to make its debut


ATLANTA (August 6, 2012) – Motor Boat is cruising on back into SweetWater’s Catch and Release lineup, dropping anchor this August. The slap-you-silly brew is SweetWater’s titillating version of an Extra Special Bitter (ESB), naturally built for speed and comfort…for the old sailor in everyone.


Motor Boat is brewed with Cascade, Sterling and US Golding hops, and dry-hopped with Cascade for a little extra action. Big in body, this unfiltered beer boasts complex malt character and finishes with 42 IBUs and 5.6% ABV.


The brew will hit shelves throughout the Southeast in mid-August. It will be featured in six-packs of 12-ounce bottles and will be flowing on tap at bars and restaurants.


This decorated brew has a proven track record with back-to-back silver medal wins at the Great American Beer Festival. So batten down the hatches, prepare your party barges and drink up while you can, ‘cause Motor Boat will be sailing off into the sunset this October.


Sad to see it go? Don’t fret. SweetWater’s got your back with the debut of its newest addition to the year- round lineup, a rye India Pale Ale (IPA) just around the corner. LowRYEder has been creeping out on select draft taps throughout the summer, but this flame-throwin’ IPA will make its official debut in six-packs on shelves throughout the Southeast early this fall. Stay tuned for more info on the brew and details about how the SweetWater folks are hopped up on hydraulics to make this brew’s launch party larger than life.


For more information on Motor Boat, LowRYEder and SweetWater Brewing Company,  Hang out with your social media thang out and follow SweetWater on Twitter @sweetwaterbrew or Facebook under SweetWater Brewing Company.


2 thoughts on “Motor Boat Update

  1. When will “throughout the Southeast” include us Louisiana folks? I know I keep pestering you guys on this, but I’m not giving up until I see it on tap handles and shelves here. 🙂

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