#IPAday Love with Photos

Hopefully you’re not sufferin’ from a hop-induced hangover this Friday morning, post #IPAday celebrations.

Here at the brewery, we had a great turnout of folks beatin’ down the doors to raise some cold ones in honor of the one of the headiest holidays of season. We ran our taps dry and had our tour staff sweatin’ through their t-shirts doin’ their best to take good care of all the hop heads here at the fiesta. From dry-hopped specialty casks to IPA foodie specials, it was definitely another good time for the history books.

We’ve got a ton of photos from the shindig uploaded to our Flickr album to jog the memory, and also posted them to Facebook so feel free to tag ’em as ya see ’em. 

Thanks to all who made it out to help us celebrate in style, cheers to those who raised their pints offsite, and big ups to the folks who started the IPA Day movement…giving us craft beer lovers another reason to celebrate. Only 364 days ’til we can do it all again. Cheers!


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