Growin’ to Keep the Brews Flowin’

It’s been a busy couple of months for our brewery operations folks over here as we continue to keep workin’ on our last phase of the expansion — the mighty brew house. We’ve had a few danktastic deliveries arriving at 195 Ottley Drive over the past week alone and our guys are excited to start getting their hands on some of the new equipment that’s arrived.

So far, we’ve got three out of five of our new 1000-barrel fermentation tanks, and all four bright tanks, set in place in the new brew house. Fun fact: If you tried to drink an entire helpin’ from our new 1000-barrel tank, it’d take you nearly 87 years drinkin’ a gallon a day. I bet we’d have some folks ready to volunteer for the challenge.

Yesterday, we welded the legs on to the new mash mixer and had the crane set ‘er down into the new brew house. This morning, the crew also managed to get the bottom piece of our new lauter tun and the wort receiver together and put into place as well. We’re lookin’ to get the rest of the later tun in tonight and the new kettle put together and installed next week. Things are a comin’ together!

We’re trekkin’ along and gettin’ work done ’cause our gang is pretty pumped to play with all our shiny new toys. After we get all the pieces polished up, it’s looking like we’ll be ready to rock ‘n roll with a finalized brew house later this summer, if not early fall. But don’t worry your pretty little hop heads, nothing goes to waste here…we’re keeping the old 50-barrel brew house in tact to let our hair down and brew some experimental headiness just for fun. So stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, raise a few coldies to yourselves, ’cause we wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our extended family. Feel free to thumb through some of our latest and greatest pictures from the expansion to check out how far we’ve come, and hold on tight for the beers that lie ahead…

The new mash mixer getting lifted into place

Four of our new bright tanks in the brew house

Lookin’ up at our new 1000-barrel fermentation tanks

Wort receiver getting lowered into place


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