the Big Kahuna is one of Georgia’s Most Influential?!

Jenn and Freddy Bensch at the 2011 420 Fest

Who woulda thunk it – as a fresh(ish) out of college kid starting a brewery in the hood back in 1997 to one of Georgia’s most influential people?

Freddy Bensch co-founder, and the Big Kahuna here at SweetWater is now rubbing elbows on Georgia Trend’s “100 Most Influential Georgians” list with Nathan Deal – our Governor, The owner of the Falcons – Arthur Blank, US Senator Saxby Chambliss, Chief Justice of Georgia’s Supreme Court – Carol Hunstein, Chuck Leavell of the Rolling Stones and Allman Brothers and a plethora of other movers and shakers in the great state of Georgia!  We can’t wait to share the news with his mom, she’ll be thrilled at what a fine young man her son has turned into. 15 year’s of heady beers for sure, and (allegedly) influencing folks all along the way!! Wait till they get a load of us at the official party next week!

*note* the story says that our solar array is already up and running, but it is still in the works (thanks for nothing Solyndra!)


3 thoughts on “the Big Kahuna is one of Georgia’s Most Influential?!

  1. We always loved your Exodus Porter and were so sorry when you no longer had it as a six-pack. Our son bought us the pack of 12 bottles for Christmas this year since it contains Exodus Porter. He knew how much we loved it. I just had another one and am reminded again how great it is. Please, please put it back as a six-pack.

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