SweetWater is hiring for a PR and Marketing role

Every now and again, there are some roles that open up here at the brewery (most folks are here for the long haul – those employee perks can be pretty tempting!) and the spot that just came open is a new one for the brewery. We are looking for someone who has the chops to take our message and culture, wrap it up all pretty like and share it with the world. check out the full details and job description here http://sweetwaterbrew.com/brewery/jobs/ and hit us up if you have the skills.


2 thoughts on “SweetWater is hiring for a PR and Marketing role

  1. soory guys only way i could find to ask this question. i live in memphis my folks live in BlueRidge, GA whenever i visis i load up on your yellow label IPA anny chance you can push to get it over the other side of TN to memphis???

  2. Well, I’m just an old maintenance man who has been doing bottling and high speed packaging for 30 years that would love a job with you all. I been at kensfoods (dressings and sweet baby rays BBQ) for past 12 years as a teamleader but would take a mech job with you guys if you ever get a opening. Thanks for reading. Love your IPA, Mike Kelly

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