SweetWater tour update, and a donation to Camp Twin Lakes

Stopped by the brewery lately?  What a whirlwind, as many of  you have seen we have lots going on with the expansion, new tour pricing and more – figured it was time for a bit of updating.

If you have been out, maybe to last week’s Crank Tank Launch party – we thank you!  As we are sure you can see, we are moving fast and furiously to keep the build-out of our new expanded home on track and are excited to bring you guys the capacity to brew five times the amount of beer we are currently producing.  We are targeting the end of the year to have things really moving and hopefully will be all dialed in by January.

Beginning this Thursday, Sept. 1. the cost for the souvenir pint glass at the brewery will be $10. It has been 5 years since we last thought about it, and since then we have all sorts of new bells, brews, toys and whistles.  SweetWater is now providing unique, only available at the brewery, casks on Wed, a new covered stage with live music on the weekends, signature pint glasses that at times are special in design and limited in run, we have added more tours during each session and most days you are able to not only sip our lip smackin’ year round line-up but often our Catch & Release seasonal goodies, our demented Dank Tanks series, treats from the cellar, and even those limited run specialty beers we have recently been brewing like Waterkeeper to support Waterkeeper organizations throughout the south, or the Crank Tank to benefit Camp Twin Lakes and promote the Spin for Kids ride in October.  Lots of brews to be enjoyed!

SweetWater will continue to host guests every Wednesday thru Saturday and over the coming months you will see our expansion continue to take shape with a new/additional tasting room, ultimately a few more bells and whistles for your sampling pleasure! We know nobody likes to shell out more dough.  We are gonna kick-in for a cause as well, now thru mid October as we donate $2 from every tour admission to Team SweetWater’s Spin for Kids campaign to help support Camp Twin Lakes.

Where can you get this kind of tasting experience and big night out for that?  We think it’s a smokin’ deal and hope to see you sippin on a SweetWater at a tour really soon!


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