SweetWater Photo Search – New Brewery c 2004

As we are in mid-destruction of our brewery, in the quest for expansion it has dawned on us we don’t have too many photos of this place when we first moved in. Can you help a brewery out? we are looking for photos from 2004 or so when we moved our little operation from the crackhead neighborhood of Fulton Industrial Blvd, to our fancy new place on Ottley Drive.  Back to the days when our tours were held in the parking lot, people tailgated from the back of their cars, like a Phish show was about to begin, and we lined up our draft trucks to pour beer.

You remember those days when the only bathrooms here were port a johns, because we blew our wade on the building and didn’t have enough dough left to build the tasting room yet, right? This time around we have some pros taking photos along the way which we will be sharing with you as cool things happen (like this still action video from the office demolition) and this collection on flickr

please email them to us Steve@SweetWaterBrew.com – i promise to share them as well.  thanks for helping us remember the old days (lost a few brain cells along the way) as we gear up for all sorts of new and fun toys to play with at our expanded brewery (and expanded tasting room!)


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