SweetWater 420 Fest Artist Lineup Announced

This year we are expanding our festival to three days of great artists, environmental experiences, neighborhood love, and the best beer in the southeast. Check out the killer music lineup at www.SweetWater420Fest.com

Galactic :: Railroad Earth :: 7 Walkers Featuring Bill Kreutzmann of the Grateful Dead

GreenSky Bluegrass :: Anders Osborne :: Dead Confederate ::

The Pimps of Joytime :: DejaBlue Grass Band :: The Broadcast

Deep Blue Sun :: Rollin in the Hay :: Gimme Hendrix :: Bitteroots

Music Matters Rock U Kids Bands

Fear the Silence :: The TAASK

Relapse 420 Comedy

Clayton English :: Matt Phar


3 thoughts on “SweetWater 420 Fest Artist Lineup Announced

  1. I have enjoyed your 420 Ale while in Mobile,AL. I live in Pittsburgh. Where is the closest place to Pittsburgh that you distribute that item?

  2. Would really love it if you made the festive ale all year round. By far my favorite! If I came for a tour, could I get my hands on some more?

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