Getting CENSORED with Border Hop-per

Have you taken a trip to the Dank Tank recently? If so, you might have noticed our latest creation, the double-hopped IPA called Border Hop-per, brewed with fresh Citra hops and 8.6 percent ABV. This heady brew comes in 22 ounce bottles and on draft and is best served fresh.

If you manage to catch one of the bottles before INS does, you’ll notice it had to be edited. Turns out SOMEBODY doesn’t like our sense of humor and take on current events, and found the story of Señor Danko to be offensive.

Offensive? Us? Never!

What’s offensive in a few jokes about anchor babies, Buford Highway, green cards, and tacos? Señor Danko and his trusty burro Chi Chi are heroes for bringing those sticky Citra hops down to SweetWater in order to make the latest Dank creation. We should be celebrating them, not censoring them!

So if you can grab a hold of a Border Hop-per, feel free to play a little Mad Libs with the blanks and see if you can make it even more offensive. Call up a bunch of friends and discover who is the worst of all! Put it to La Migra!


Check out the review from our friend Bob Townsend in the AJC

beer-pick SweetWater border hopper


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