Totally Sch’Wheat!

Sch’Wheat debuted in early June to rave reviews.

This year-round beauty is an easy quaffing unfiltered wheat ale which is delivering rays of citrus tones all over Atlanta. Sch’Wheat debuted at the 420 Fest, and every keg was quaffed up quick! Six packs of Sch’Wheat are now poking their head up around town.

But that isn’t to say that Sch’Wheat doesn’t have a hard road ahead. Why, you ask?

Y’all seem to be having a hard time saying its name.

“I’ll have the S.C.H. Wheat, please.”

“Can I get a schwit?”

“How about a schweat for me, if you don’t mind?”

Poor Sch’Wheat! For all the Sch’Wheat fans out there, just remember, it’s Shah-Wheat!


2 thoughts on “Totally Sch’Wheat!

  1. so when is sweetwater expanding to the west coast specifically Orange County i’ve tried to get retailers to order you brew tried when i visit relitives back east and got hooked everything else i’ve tried sucks it seems your punishing us hear on the west coast talked about your brews with freinds and everybody is anctous to try so seriously think about expanding out west.

  2. I want a 6 pack and a t shirt with 420 on it.

    I have a friend whose birthdy is 4/20 and I want a gift for her.

    I live in a suburb of Indianapolis and want it in the next mont.

    Tell me how. Thanks.

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